Featuring first Novel,"Behind the Castle Wall"  by G. C. Howard

  Behind the castle wall     

   Bringing together a creative cast of

   characters in this romantic thriller

   of mystery and murder.  In the historical

   time when the king had all the power.

   Prince, James Ashworth, a loner, who’

   possessed a curiosity to the past events

   of the Ashworth family castle.  The past

   holds the answers to the mysteries

   of the death of his mother as well as the

   disappearances and possible murders of

    his missing siblings.

    His father, the king is a cold and harsh

    father who continuously interferes in his son’s

    search for the truth.  However,  James does

    not heed his fathers warning as he continues to defy his father at every turn.

    When James meets a young  woman, Isabella, his father forbids him to ever see her      again.  As a battle is fought between father and son.  The secrets of the castle

    begin to unravel as the mysteries from the past come to light.  The past lies and           rumors begin to reveal the truth of the Ashworth castle.

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